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Web Site Design - Focus, Focus, Focus

It happens ever few weeks or so. I am sitting in front of the computer contemplating the meaning of life, i.e., why my numbers aren't being picked in the California lottery. A frustrated person calls and wants to know why their site isn't converting. Shaking myself from my revelry, I valiantly pull up their site and here is what I find. Read the full article here.

Designing your Web Site for ALL Browsers

Let's face it. Building a web site that browses consistently on multiple platforms and multiple browsers is not always as easy as we would like.

It is safe to say that most designers spend most of their time building their sites on a given platform. Those with the highest standards should, upon completion, take a look at their creation in different browsers and different platforms. Read the full article here.

10 Ways to Achieve Superior Web Site Design

In order to achieve online success, one must have effective and reliable products and services and great web design as well. Many people are judging the book by its cover this is the reason why your website should also be superior.

Here are 10 ways to carry out in order to ensure that your website design will turn out to be a superior one: Read the full article here.

Why Use Professional Web Site Designers For Your Next Web Development Project?

Probably you know someone who has created a web site all by himself or herself. So if they can do it why use a professional at all? Can't you create your own business or organization's web site in your spare time and without the services of a professional web site designer? The answer is probably, yes. But following are some reasons why it may not be a wise idea for you. Read the full article here.

Do You Own Your Web Site Design?

Your web site has been up for a few months and you are making money hand over foot. While surfing sites one evening, you are shocked to find a competitor using your design. You find out your designer sold them the same design. They must be breaking the law, right? It all depends on whether you own the copyright to your web site design. Many site owners are shocked to find out they do not. Read the full article here.




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