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10 Ways to Achieve Superior Web Site Design
 by: Maricon Williams

In order to achieve online success, one must have effective and reliable products and services and great web design as well. Many people are judging the book by its cover this is the reason why your website should also be superior.

Here are 10 ways to carry out in order to ensure that your website design will turn out to be a superior one:

1. Keep those banner programs away. Avoid plastering your pages with every banner program you can think of because it is like broadcasting to the whole world that you are a neophyte in the industry. Besides, it is useless when you are just starting out.

2. Proof read the whole site. Poor grammar and spelling is a manifestation of being unprofessional. If you can not pay attention to small things like that then how can the potential customers know that you can make a product or service great? Always have some rounds of spell check and have someone proof read the site. That way you can be assured of its content quality.

3. Evade "clip-art" type graphics. Learn to make your own graphics that will exude your business character and identity. You can get your hands on with Adobe Photoshop. However, if you are short on money, Macromedia’s Fireworks is a good alternative.

4. Forget about yourself! Nobody wants to hear about you. They want to hear about your products or services and how you can help them. So instead of focusing on yourself, focus on the functionality of your website. That will give lots of visitors that can turn out to be your customers.

5. Keep a consistent design. Inconsistent designs, backgrounds and navigation systems make the visitors feel lost. They will feel as if they have transferred to another site. To avoid this thing to happen, utilize a consistent web site design.

6. Stay away from excessive backgrounds. If you do not know what background to choose, stick with a plain one and blend it with a well contrasting text. The result will be an easy to read website.

7. Use small images. Use images that are small in file size. To do this, you can compress your images to a more reasonable size.

8. Keep your font size readable. Have your fonts at reasonable size. The content fonts should not exceed size fourteen and should not go down lower than size twelve. Using gigantic fonts are the biggest indicator of someone who knows nothing about designing online!

9. Keep your site clean and organized but not boring. Don’t scare your visitors away by crowded and messy website with neon colored texts. If that’s your kind of web site – my golly – change it! And you got to do it fast before a number of visitors already transferred to your competitors.

10. Check with every browser. Every web browser interprets code differently. Some may display the page perfectly however, some may do it atrociously thus, to be safe check with different browsers to test the compatibility.

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Maricon Williams

I love reading. Give me a book and I'll finish it in one sitting. Reading is the chance to be transported to a different world and so is writing. I'm more enthusiastic about writing however, since you can relay your ideas to someone else. I can only imagine that feeling when I hear a complete stranger talking about my ideas which read on an article somewhere. To relay my message to as many people is the same as touching people with music. Only mine's less harmonic. I try to make up for it with the color I bring with words. And most of the time, it’s more than enough.

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